The Power Of Words

Sunrise come I climb the ladder
The new day breaks and I’m working on a dream
I’m working on a dream
I’m working on a dream
I’m working on a dream

Bruce Springsteen

A studyconducted by Baylor University, “Merit Beyond the Badge,” foundthat Eagle Scouts are more likely than men who have never been inScouting to:

    Have higher levels of planning and preparation skills, be goal-oriented and network with others.

    Be in a leadership position at their place of employment or local community.

    Report having closer relationships with family and friends.

    Volunteer for religious and nonreligious organizations.

    Donate money to charitable groups.

    Work with others to improve their neighborhoods.

The twomain reasons researchers believe this to be true is that scouting workson short and long term goal setting. Furthermore every time an EagleScout attends a meeting he recites an oath: On my honor, I will do mybest To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; Tohelp other people at all times; To keep myself physicallystrong,mentally awake and morally straight.

Although tothe best of my knowledge no similar study has ever been done aboutBlack Belts, I believe the results would be similar. Action Karate hasalways understood the importance of both short term and long term goalsetting and empowering children and adults with goal setting skills.Action Karate has also understood the power of reciting out loud a set ofvalues that will set you up for lifelong success. By reciting thestudent creeds out loud while looking yourself in the mirror you areclaiming these values as your own.

What parent would not want their child to claim these attributes?

                                                                        #1To Build true confidence I must have knowledge in my mind honesty in my heart and strength in my body.

                                                                        #2I will develop myself in a positive manner and never do anything thatwill hinder my mental growth or physical health. I am a Martial Artist

#3 What is the Action Attitude? We are awesome and getting better sir

#4Whatare the three most powerful words? Yes I can




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