The Magic of Modeling

It’s a nice day if you wake up in Disneyland…
It’s a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland…

In my dream everybody’s got a little house
A dog, a bank account managed by Mickey Mouse
And the only thing we fight about is the Lakers…

In my dream all the pirates down in Neverland
Never get the Hook… they just get a hand
While the crocs sing Superman till we just can’t take it…

                                        Five For Fighting

Whenever I talk about Disney World, the word magic always pops intomy mind first.  After all, only 40 years ago Disney was swampland. It ismagical that millions of people every year want to spend their week offthere.  That may be why I like to vacation there so much. I believe nomatter what age you are, Disney has the ability to transfer you to adifferent mental state. It can make a forty something feel like a sixyear old. That is magic.

In 1955, Disney was founded with the service theme “We createhappiness”. That service theme is still taught to their over 50,000employees so that there is no trash on the ground and customers seesmiling happy faces wherever they go. If they were not the largestemployer in Orlando, you might believe robots ran Disney. They are themodel for customer service and creating a magical experience. Theycreate happiness.

Every time I go there, Disney challenges me as a business owner to bebetter. I find myself looking at my experience trying to figure out howI could incorporate their business practices into my own to provide abetter more pleasant learning experience for my students. I always leaveDisney feeling challenged to be better and try to model what they do.It is that philosophy of modeling which I would encourage you to use inyour training. Find a student in the school that you would like to belike and do what they do. Ask them what they think and how theypractice.

Then as Nike would say, just do it.