The Prince


I’m sure you’ll have some cosmic rationale

But here you are in the ninth

Two men out and three men on

Nowhere to look but inside

Where we all respond to



All your life is Time Magazine

I read it too

What does it mean?


Billy Joel


The biggest day in a young Prince’s life is the day he must face and slay a dragon. It is a rite of
passage and shows the kingdom that he can handle the awesome responsibility of
running the kingdom. It is a day that requires great courage, and like all
challenges, you never know when it will happen.

The young prince had never seen a dragon before, but he had heard of dragons and knew of their
great strength and of the hot fire they could breathe out from their fierce
nostrils. He was all alone the morning when the dragon came. He had gone for an
early ride on his favorite horse and had just galloped down the path and into
the woods. As he turned a corner, he found himself face-to-face with the dragon
(who was surprised as he was). He could have turned his horse and ran, and maybe
he would have escaped, but the dragon was heading for the town, and surely
others would be hurt or killed.

The young prince, his heart beating fast with fright, charged straight at the dragon while it was
still startled and drove his sword deep into the soft valve on the neck that is
used to draw in air to make dragon fire. The dragon was killed, the kingdom was

We all have dragons in our lives– things that take courage: admitting you are wrong if you
are, doing what is right when no one else is, or saying no when kids try to get
you to do something you know you should not. The trick to slaying the dragon is
understanding that it is okay to be afraid of the dragon however it is not okay
to hide from him.


Mr. McCreery

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